De Nailz Spa Singapore



Eyes play a very important part that frames the face. It’s amazing how a pair of well maintained eyes can make you look good with confidence. There are many ways to address the imperfection of our eyes and eyebrow. For customers who have less than ideal natural eyebrows, we offer from simple eyebrow shaping to eyebrow tinting to eyebrow embroidery that gives your eyebrow a beautiful, naturally lush and neat finish look.

Similarly, we strongly promote women on the go to perm or extend their eyelashes too! It not only instantly opens up your eyes by natural looking eyelashes but also to achieve a more sophisticated look of individuals. Gone are the days of waking up in the morning rushing to work and being injured by the manual eyelash curler. Our eyelash perm could last you up to 2 months and not having any problem by just applying a layer of mascara or even opting for an eyelash tinting which is available in natural black, dark brown etc.. as an alternative.

We only use high quality eyelash perm lotion and eyelash extension glue made in Korea. The perm lotion particles are nano-sized to ensure quick absorption and maximum curve while our eyelash extension glue is unlike traditional smell offensive glue. Both products are gentle yet effective and only minimum glue is required that will not hurt your eyelashes when removing. Our tinting products are also imported directly from Australia with minimum chemical content. They are suitable for even the most sensitive types of eyes.

Whichever eyes services you choose, you can be sure that it will add a twinkle to your eyes!!!

Natural Eyelash Extension

Traditional way of lash extension using single strand of high quality soft lashes that will keep the form well and gives the most natural look of you! Available in different lengths that fits your eyes. Comes in J or C curl lash.

Eyelash Extension Removal

Uses the most gentle and less stingy removal lotion to remove the fake lash(s) from the original eyelashes.

Eyelash Extension Touch-Up

Lash touch up is required after a period of time. When the existing lash extension are still nicely in place except for some lashes that are missing usually at the corners of the eyes. Depending on the conditions of fake lashes, at some point, touch up may not be visible.

Eyelash Perm

3D Japanese Eyelash Perm

This perm style creates a J curl effect. Uses rollers and perm glue to create a ‘slide-up’ perm. Initial result will be natural looking and this perm style can potentially last up to 6 weeks!