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At De Nailz Spa, your face deserves our meticulous attention and care. De Nailz Spa offers both customized intensive facial treatment and essential routine facial skincare services for women with various skin types.

Our facial services and packages offer customers the flexibility to switch from one treatment to another depending on the progress and reaction of the skin conditions.

Whether you are a busy executive who always travel, a working mum who needs to balance career and kids, or just someone who is active in a lot of outdoor activities, both facial services compliment each other and are designed to pamper every inch of your skin and help your skin to achieve and maintain optimum complexion.

KLAPP Professional Treatment

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HC3 Skin-Shooter Face Up-Lift

Encapsulated low molecular, hyaluronic acid are "shot" accurately into the skin. These proactive ingredients are stored into the skin cells' water bank. This process will instantly refine large pores, reduce wrinkles and eye bags. Your skin deserves a "shot" at rejuvenation.


In theory, skin stem cells can regenerate for life, but their quality decreases with age. This is where the active ingredient of the apple stem cells comes into play, gained from a special apple extract, which can be found in all Stri-PeXan PHYTO STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY products. It protects the DNA and counteracts premature skin aging. Regestril™, contained in this product, supports the skin’s natural regeneration capacity and also acts against wrinkles. The products are suitable for each age and skin type.


You become older and your skin shows obvious signs: it looses transparency, wrinkles become deeper, it thickens and the subcutaneous supply worsens. The skin looks tired, dull, uneven and blotchy. The ASA PEEL® Intensive Treatment and products of the ASA PEEL® series by KLAPP are targeted to fight these symptoms. A natural peeling process gently removed the outer layer; the skin becomes thinner and the pores refined. It stimulates basal layer regeneration. A new, fresh and protective horny layer can grow now.


The innovative anti-aging line with modern high-tech-ingredients provides moisture and supports the skin’s own repair-system. An exclusive Caviar-Complex and natural Bio-Peptides are meant to stimulate the cell metabolism and give new regeneration impulses to the tired skin structure. CAVIAR POWER by KLAPP is the Beauty- and Wellness-Formula for the female and male skin that wants to indulge and relax on a high level.

KLAPP Essential

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Face UP-Lift Therapy

Skin loses its moisture and elasticity that causes noticeable creases on either side of your mouth and a little sag in the skin along the jaw line when one age and sometimes losing weight. This routine essential facial service is especially suitable for customers who wish to defend sagging looking skin. Restores skin to its firmness and youthfulness.

Anti-Age Skin Rejuvenation

Age spot, formation of wrinkles and fine lines appearing on skin contributes to skin aging. This routine essential facial service is especially suitable for customers who wish to eliminate wrinkles & reducing fine lines on their face. Reversing the signs of aging skin.

O2 Oxy Infusion

Dry skin causes tired and dull texture appearance. It is due to temperatures and humidity levels. This routine essential facial service is especially suitable for customers who wish to quench thirst of the skin, impart and lock in moisture and oxygen to the dermal layer of the skin. Regaining crystal clear, silky looking skin.

Enzyme Peel Cellular Skin Renewal

Peeling stimulates the regeneration of the skin from the depth layers and accelerates the superficial damaged parts Skin. This routine essential facial service is especially suitable for customers who wish to remove dead cells, resurface your skin and increasing oxygenation to the cells to generate new skin cell. Return to the skin’s natural balance.

Other Essential Care

Dark Circles Therapy

Dark eye circles are common problem and are often refer to “tired eyes”. They are usually caused by poor blood circulation, over exposed to sunlight as well as normal ageing process can result in the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. This treatment effectively restores brightness to eye contours, improves blood circulation and reduces signs of exhaustion.

Soothing Acne Therapy

Many Asians has sensitive skins and their face gets red easily after intensive facial as the blood does not flow rapidly back to the area. This treatment effectively calms the skin using ice cold ball with soothing ampoules to stabilize the skin condition.